Portable Appliance Testing

Welcome to a site designed to inject some common sense into portable appliance testing in the UK! This site gives free and unbiased information about PAT Testing!

PAT Testing is about checking your equipment to determine whether or not it is safe. Although there is no legal requirement to carry out PAT Testing, there IS a requirement on the employer (under the Health and Safety at Work Act) to make sure electrical equipment used in the workplace is maintained in a safe condition.

Most people will be aware of the little green stickers which appear (as if by magic) on our computers, kettles and power tools every year, but of course, PAT Testing is so much more than that. When done properly, PAT Testing is a vital part of a company's health and safety policy, and can significantly reduce the likelihood of a serious accident.

The Health and Safety Executive report that 30 people are killed each year due to electrical accidents. Of course, that's a serious figure, but it's worth mentioning that the UK has a very good record on electrical safety. The number of people killed each year in other countries is much higher. Part of the reason for the UK's excellent safety record is the fact that most employers now employ a PAT testing regime.

Unfortunately, the PAT Testing industry in the UK has become extremely competitive, and the recession has driven prices down. Whilst this should be good news for customers, the reality is that many companies are charging so little that they can afford to do little more than put a sticker on the appliance - sometimes it's not even tested at all!

We believe that there are still plenty of businesses out there who believe that Health and Safety is important, and we want to work with them!

If you have any queries at all about PAT Testing, please give us a call. We have staff who have dedicated their working lives to PAT Testing, and we love to talk about it!

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